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Grand Supreme
McKenzie Sievert

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Colorado Open State Royalty

Bk row left 2 right:  Mrs. Luann Pavlu, CO Director, Lacey Belle Curtis-- 12-24 mo Div.Supreme, Khortni Seevers--Supreme Model, Jessica Schmidt--10-12 Div. Supreme and Overall Sweetheart, Ashley Guse--13-15 Beauty, Angelina Mogaka--10-12 Beauty, Brandy Lewis--Ms/Mrs Div. Supreme, MIDDLE ROW lft to rt:  Avalon King--7-9 princess, Meredith Winnefeld--7-9 Talent, Jena McKinney--Supreme Talent, Morgan Sievert--Supreme Beauty, Samantha Landig--5-6 Div. Supreme, Paola King--7-9 Beauty, Katara Hayes--5-6 Beauty, Jessica Pavlu--CO Grand Ambassador, Brianna DeVore--7-9 Div. Supreme, Sydni Stevens--5-6 talent, FRONT ROW lft to rt:  Lauren Richards 7-9 princess, McKenzie Sievert--Grand Supreme Overall, Julia Kaufman--Grand Supreme Baby.


Congratulations to the Colorado State Royalty!
February 17, 2002

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Colorado State Supremes

Miss Jessica Pavlu--CO Gnd Ambassador, Miss Jena McKinney--Supreme Talent, Miss Khortni Seevers--Supreme Model, Miss Morgan Sievert--Supreme Beauty, Miss Julia Kaufman--Grd Supreme Baby and Miss McKenzie Sievert--Grand Supreme Overall.


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Grand Supreme Baby
Miss Julia Kaufman


Supreme Beauty
Miss Morgan Sievert


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Supreme Model
Miss Khortni Seevers
Supreme Talent
Miss Jena McKinney

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